Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Finish Along Q1: the best intentions

If you have popped over here recently, you may have noticed an incredibly bad case of startitis - almost untreatable! The only remedy that may work is the Finish Along. So I'd better decide what to include for Q1. I shouldn't be too ambitious, because I'm travelling a bit over the next two months, but that didn't stop me last quarter... or I could just copy Rhonda and list everything?

I think I'll take the middle ground!

she can quilt
1. Rhubarb and Custard
I introduced you to this UFO yesterday (you can read about it here) and really this one now needs to just be finished! Trimming, QAYG sashing and binding - and the consensus seems to be I need another red block for the top right corner!

2. Steph's Quilt: Hot Cross Buns
I so don't love this quilt. But my sister-in-law does and she needs a quilt at the moment, so I really really want to get this finished - please keep reminding me of this!

3. Neon Stained
I just need to quilt this one and bind it. I have the backing and binding fabrics and I have the thread. I'm not quite sure how to quilt it though. Any suggestions? (p.s. Linda - please can you come and help me baste it soon?)

4. Pac Mania
I don't know why I'm making this quilt - I do like the fabrics and I love the pattern, but white is a really stupid colour in a house with two naughty doggies. I am sure that at some point the reason will make itself known and someone will truly love this quilt - if I finish it.

5. Purple Crosses
These are the blocks I got from my month as Queen Bee for Stash Bee. I want to make a quilt for my Great Aunt, Aunty Iris and purple is her favourite colour. Lots of trimming before this one is ready to piece!

6. Daniela's Quilt
This is another quilt that isn't really inspiring me at the moment. Maybe I just need to get it out and work out where I am. I think once I get going, it will come together really quickly - just lots of straight lines! Ok - I decided to get it out of the box and it's now 2 hours since I first started writing this post and I spent  one and a half hours wishing I'd written more notes on the pattern, because I'm doing a bigger version. But I finally sussed it out. And I've cut the fabric for the next step! And taken some clearer photos of the fabric! Success!

7. Pembrokeshire Quilt
This one is pretty close - the piecing and embroidery is done. I think it needs a border and then some hand quilting. And a damn good press!

8. Super Marion cushion
It's finished - I just need to turn it into a cushion.... so close!

9. Three Peaks Quilt
I need to add two borders, quilt and bind it. Linda has finished hers and it looks stunning!

I have a feeling I will be starting more things than I finish this quarter! What about you?


Jennie's Threads said...

Text me and I'll come and help baste it. Can't do thurs as at meeting at church x

Beth said...

Good luck on your finishes. That three peaks looks amazing! I would love a friend to help baste too! Have fun!

Nic said...

Look forward to seeing some of these finished. As well as what your new starts are :)
Good luck

Sonia said...

So many lovely things! Popped over from Flickr SkillBuilder BOM as a fellow UK'er! x