Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP Wednesday - the uninspired edition

If I'm honest, I'm feeling a little uninspired this week. I'm sure some of it is due to an appalling week at work. But I think some of it is also due to a large number of WIPs and no deadlines.... so I'm going to try and use this week's WIP Wednesday to show you some of my WIPs and maybe, just maybe, think about some reasons for sewing them and some deadlines. If any of you have a boot that they would like to kick me up the arse with, then all comments gratefully accepted!

Pac Mania: I started this as a class because I wanted to practice my curves, I liked the pattern and I had a Jelly Roll. That's why I started. I have sewn a seam here and there and finished the curves Monday night. A very good friend of my Mother-in-law's lost her husband on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. I know her a bit. I think she may need a quilt over the next few months. So I should get this quilt finished for her. And as my quilting budget for the month has gone, maybe the wadding for my Neon Stained will be big enough, and I can push that back again (another quilt without purpose). But - how should I quilt all of that negative space?

Rhubarb and Custard: I started this as a class because I like a stripey fabric and the other fabrics match it. However, as I have got better at colours, I've realised my original plan would have just given everyone a headache.

Having discovered a new way of sashing the blocks I have picked this up again, but in the process decided that the stripey fabric won't be included at all.... it will be a wallhanging to go above our stairs. But again.... no rush.

Pembrokeshire quilt: I started this for the Travellin' Stitch Pic Blog Hop. I got a fair way through it and linked up. I finished the embroidery over Christmas. Now I need a border, and to quilt it (by hand I think) and give it to my Mum for her birthday in February (she knows about it). But I'm stumped on the border.

Daniela's quilt

and Steph's quilt:

these are two quilts that I am making for a good friend and my sister-in-law. Daniela's is one of those quilts that seems to take forever, but will suddenly come together really quickly. And Stephs' is leaving me totally uninspired. Really I just need to get these finished and open up some space for new projects.

So, that's me today. I am looking forward to the first two blocks in the Skill Builder BOM - so tomorrow I'll be able to ignore all of these WIPs and start something else new! Bad me.

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LisaAnn said...

Sometimes you have to start a new project to be inspired to finish the old ones...I know just how that goes! Good luck with all of them, they look lovely!

Ellie-Mae said...

I'm in the throes of trying to finish up may UFOs too. It feels so good when they're done. PacMania is gorgeous, I'm not sure how I would quilt it, but can't wait to see what you come up with.

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

We all get overwhelmed sometimes when we think about all our UFO's. If you concentrat on just one and finish that, you'll get inspired to tackle the next one. It will give an enormous satisfaction in the end.
Just Keep on Sewing!!