Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP Wednesday [lured by the rainbow]

Last week I started my Dear Jane quilt in Kona Snow and all the greens I could find.
A-3 Hunter's Moon
Reverse Applique

Since then I have made four green blocks - two you've already seen - one of them twice already (I'm quite pleased with my first real attempt at applique in the block above, so you get to see it again)!
A-6 Uncle Homer
Rotary Cut
A-2 Buckle My Shoe
Foundation Pieced

This morning I changed my mind. Here's my first yellow block! I'm using some online tutorials for the blocks, and I really really didn't like the look of this block - Y-seams, applique.... no. So I'm having a go at an EPP version.... hopefully it will be better than the one I tried for my Farmer's Wife....
A quarter of A-13 Starlight Starbright

Yep - I have been lured away from the green of last week to a rainbow Jane

But in the process I have convinced Sharon that she should join in the Dear Jane fun! I'm glad I can be a bad influence even from the other side of the world. Is anyone else tackling a Dear Jane this year - would any one like to join us for mutual egging on?

Linking up to WIP Wednesday and heading there now to check out what others are up to!

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Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

You evil woman! lol you might have sold me on the rainbow as well :) Wonder if it's possible to also work from the scrap containers :) Are you working in any specific order (I can tell as I have got the program yet) as I will play catch up and we can do this together :)

Brenda said...

Love the green blocks! Buckle My Shoe is my favorite.

Wendy said...

I am starting my rainbow Jane this month as well, so I will play along with you girls. Maybe this way I will get it done. How many blocks per week/month do you plan to complete?

Kate said...

I'll play Dear Jane too, I have the first 4 rows of mine done and it's been in the cupboard for 18 months now waiting for attention

Nic said...

While the I liked the green Jane, I like a rainbow one too. Look forward to seeing more of these blocks.
Original plan was to start my Jane on Feb 1st. But I'm still waiting for my auditioning fabric to show up. Then have to order the fabric for real. Maybe I should change my colour scheme back to my original plan

verpa said...

Oh, DJ is really the chalenge. I´ve always wanted to make one. Your blocks looks really great.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

EPP looks like great choice for this one. I think I might play around with construction techniques for the individual blocks and do what will work best for me also. I see that Kate is joining us too :) We are also stitching Lancaster at the same time. Did we want a little blog just for those starting and sewing with us?