Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Night Sew In: BOM and Improv

Handmade by Heidi

Tonight was Friday Night Sew In and I stayed in a sewed!

First up the February blocks in the Skill Builder BOM. I cut these out on Wednesday before I was distracted by Color Me Retro and I did a few seams last night, but got them finished tonight.  This is the Em Dash Block...

I can't tell you what to two fabrics at the top are, but on the bottom is a purple from Rock and Romance from Art Gallery and a pink from Noetworthy by Sweetwater.

And secondly the Mood Block

The pink is Lace Elements from Art Gallery, the green at the top is Wild Garden for Westminster Fibres, the yellow postmark fabric is Free Spirit (I think) and the green in the bottom right is a Nancy Halvorsen fabric...
These two blocks aren't my favourites in the quilt, but they are growing on me each time I look at them! And they are great for showing off some of the bigger print fabrics.

The background for both blocks is Kona Coal.

I then did a few more blocks of Steph's Hot Cross Buns quilt - maybe a set of four a day for the next week ... that would get me close to done.

And then I had a thought. We are going to the quilt show in Edinburgh tomorrow and I want to take my camera - it was new at Christmas and I don't have a case for it yet - so case making mode! I pulled out the scraps I've been creating from the paper piecing I've been doing recently and did something that is so alien and uncomfortable for me - improv piecing. I just went for it - how hard can it be. I made myself a piece of fabric from scraps big enough to cut a front and back and a strap (of sorts). I ironed on some interfacing, "quilted" lots of lines and put it together with a lining made from a Kona ornage (maybe Kona Apricot) that came through the post this week from Simply Solids.

It was all a bit fiddly in the end, because it's too small to feed under the foot easily for the top stitching, and turning the strap through was a very interesting experience. But it works - it protects my new camera. Bu only just - any smaller and the camera would not fit! The fabrics here include Architextures, Ruby, Color Me Retro, Mama Said sew, Art Gallery Floral Elements, Summersville, Noteworthy....

Quite a successful evening!


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

You did have a great evening, well done. hugs

Katherine said...

Definitely a very successful evening! Love the way you have used the scraps and come up with a very modern looking camera case too. Might have to try something like that myself one day.

Jenniffier said...

Visiting from FNSI - i like the colors in all of your projects