Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday [People]

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This week's question:

What is one regular thing you do for yourself to keep up your creative mind? Do you go to a guild, out for coffee with a friend? Are there people / activities you do regularly or as needed? 

Quilting can be a very lonely hobby - just you and a machine. And sometimes that is exactly what I need. A quiet house, a cup of tea, two puppies and lots of fabric - that was what happened yesterday afternoon and I loved it.
Free Motion Quilting is one of those tasks best done
when "lonely" - hubby can't hear the telly over my machine!

Patchwork can also be a really sociable event! At our local quilt shop we can end up in hysterics - I'm talking about you, Sue and Suzy!
Photo from Kim: Me (on the far left and mostly not in shot), Margaret,
who had spent most of the day trying to convince them that
 the doll they were making didn't really want bright pink bloomers,
and Suzy and Sue very proud of the dresses and bloomers they had made!
Though I think Kim, Margaret and Nicola who work in the shop have to go and lie in a darkened room afterwards! Or just sewing with MIL or AIL (Aunty-in-Law) quietly at home. Through quilting I have met some wonderful people and made lots of friends. And that's without even touching on what happens online.
Linda (MIL) and Aunty B (AIL)
I once read a very cheesy saying in a cross stitch magazine: "I cannot count my day complete til needle, thread and fabric meet." And even though it is really corny, it's kind of true. Every day I try to find some time to sew, even if it's just a few seams - it's more to relax than to get the creative juices flowing.
A little EPP is great for when I only have a few minutes
I made this for a swap and I am seriously tempted to make one just for me

And walking the dogs is also time for me to think about the projects I'm working on and the projects I want to work on.

Charlie (Archie got a photo in yesterday's post)
What about you?


Peekaboo Lucy said...

Your local fabric shop looks amazing! I also love your saying. So true! Have a fun day.

Stella Nemeth said...

That really is an amazing quilting shop. Wish I had something like that here.

Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh, how tiny are those hexies in your swapped EPP sewing machine?

Julzie said...

I'm the same, I NEED to sew, even if it's just a bit, every day, it helps calm me.....I'm also lucky that I have 3 quilty friends, I sew with me all day Tuesday and sew with the other 2 on Thursday's, and we take the odd class/course at our local quilt store........I can't even begin to tell you about the very dear friends I have met online through quilting who I talk to is a wonderful hobby, one you can do by yourself with friends or even with strangers, who immediately become friends :)

Jennifer Lowe said...

I really love the sewing machine made with the hexies. What size are they? They look super tiny!