Friday, 29 March 2013


We're visiting my parents for the Easter weekend. They have a large garden, so we managed to take some pictures of my two biggest quilts.

They have a large living room. Or at least I thought so, until we tried to baste the monster...

Here is the monster (116x116") in the garden
Strict instructions to crop my mother from the photograph!
This photo gives quite a good idea of the colour of the fabric.
And here's the baby monster (80x80") in the garden

And being basted - you get a better idea of the warm pinky look from the sashing in this picture.

We also basted my neon stained quilt.
and the back of Stained - a wonderful Ikea print which turns out to be 60" wide - no seam down the middle of my back!

We are now high on 505 fumes! Whoops...


Shirley said...

The pastel shades are so pretty, you have been a busy girl x

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

OK, I think I've finally been convinced that I also need to do a Hot X Buns quilt. But mine won't be so big as I'm going to be working with a charm pack. We'll see what happens. :-)I do love your colours! Great work!