Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday in Budapest

I haven't stayed in my hotel room all day - I've been for a wander.... and here are some photos to prove it!
The Chain Bridge from the Pest side of the Danube (my hotel is behind me and to my left)

Another view across the river - I have no idea what the building
is because I forgot my guide book again

The Chain Bridge from the Buda side of the river - cropped so you
can't see that an eyesore my hotel is!


Why a picture of a car park, I hear you ask. I first came to Budapest almost exactly 7 years ago (OMG I feel old) at the end of March and the Danube was in flood: everything in the photo above from the riverbank to the railings (including the tram line that you can't realy see in the photo) was under water!

From memory of that trip 7 years ago, I think this is St Stephan's Basilica

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Lin said...

Thank you Jennie - not a place I ever expect to visit so it is good to see some photographs. The parliament building looks stunning.
Flooding is one of those strange destructive things that can look beautiful! It is always amazing afterwards to try and imagine how it was. Hope you have good plans for tomorrow.