Sunday, 14 April 2013

Free Motion Quilting Sunday

The monster has been tamed! All 13,000 square inches have succumbed to a free motion stipple. My machine behaved herself beautifully. She had one little hiccup but that was entirely down to the fact she had been quilting for several hours and wanted some of the fluff cleaned out of her....

But you don't really want to see pictures of the inside of my machine - you want to see pictures of the quilt: eight hours and 21 bobbins of thread (I think I've used about 1500 meters). Problem is I don't have any where big enough to show it. Here it is on our spare bed - there is a bed under there - honest. What you can't see clearly in these pictures is that the quilt is hanging right down to the floor on both sides of the bed!

And one I'd finished this, and the machine was still set on FMQ mode, I decided it was about time I finished the quilting on the first two blocks from the Skill Builder BOM - I started quilting these the day I quilted the Pac Mania quilt, but my machine had simply had enough and misbehaved half way through. Today I managed to get them finished. Wiggles, lines and stipples I'm pleased with. Pebbles and bubbles need a bit more work, but I love the texture they create, so I will persevere.
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Just Sew Sue said...

Well done that's a big tick on your Q2 list. :)

Nic said...

Does the fluff come from the thread or the batting?
Congrats on finishing the quilting

Karen said...

That's an impressive amount of fluff in there! Great job on taming the beast, all your quilting looks fab :-)