Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Playing with quarter-inch hexies

Back in October I made a hoop for a swap using quarter-inch hexies.

It started as a bit of a joke, but I found they weren't as fiddly or horrid as I had kind of assumed. So when I joined the Get Your Hex on Bee I knew I wanted to introduce more people to the joys - obviously not the whole block - but just a flavour.

And if I was asking people to play with quarter-inch hexies for the first time, it was only fair to give them some tips!

I start off with pieces of fabric 1" x 1" (though this is quite generous), paper hexies, an applique needle, quilting cotton and scissors. I always use quilting cotton because it's a bit more flexible for the basting, and fine for the whip stitching. Use a matching thread throughout, because the basting stitches remain in the  hexies once you've finished.


I stopped chewing my finger nails especially for the next pictures.... unfortunately the size of the hexie makes my thumb look even fatter than it is :)

Trim the square of fabric to a hexagon shape. This doesn't need to be particularly neat but I leave a generous 1/4" all round. I know this sounds like a lot, but if you leave a very small seam allowance the basting stitches will simply pull out. When you come to remove the papers, you can trim the seam allowances then if you need to. I don't!

Wrap one side over the edge of the paper and hold in place with the thumb, then wrap the next . Catch the bottom fabric and the fold only - do not catch the paper - these little monsters are difficult enough to get out without stitching through the papers too! I do two stitches to hold the fold in place. Continue round the hexagon in the same way. Fold over the final side and stitch in place on both sides - ta-dah!


Place two hexies face to face, matching along the edge. I start with a knot to make sure it holds.

Whip stitch the two hexies together. I make 5-6 stitches along each edge being careful to catch just the smallest amount of fabric I can.

Keep doing this and you'll have a tiny hexie flower in no time at all!

If you have any questions, just let me know!


Shirley said...

I have just recently found a hexagon quilt I would love to do, not even made my first one yet and I'm already thinking about another lol

This I think would be lovely on my sewing room wall, something else to think about lol x

pennydog said...

Wow, that is ridiculously small! Scary!

Stacey Napier said...

oh my, that is tiny! If there's one thing I've learned - never be afraid to try something new. You may love it - can't wait to see these completed!