Saturday, 20 April 2013

Slowly catching up [skill builder]

I;ve got a bit behind on the BOMs I'm following along with.  On the Skill Builder BOM I'd made four and quilted two - quite a way behind the four made and three quilted which there are now instructions for. So last night and this morning I started catching up with two more blocks.
Woven star

Woven Chevron

And here they are all together

I've also basted some of the baby quilts I need to finish off, so maybe there will be finishes this week. Or maybe not, because I've also picked up the yellow fabric I needed!


Sonia said...

Your blocks are looking so lovely & colourful! I'm starting to find it quite challenging using patterns now with some of the block designs that are coming up. And I've still yet to quilt mine so I don't think you're quite as behind as me!!!!!!

Karen said...

The BOM's look great, I love your use of the dark grey, it really makes the colours pop! :-)