Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fancy Forest Quilt: Fancy Foxes

Over the last year I have made quite a few Fancy Forest quilt, or variations using just a single block. Every time I've finished one, and shown Mia and Jess, they have been disappointed to discover that we aren't keeping it, and it's being given away. Last summer I decided to make them a full size Fancy Forest quilt, and a full size Awesome Ocean quilt, and it just so happens that Angie @gnomeangel is hosting a quilt along! Conveniently, she is also including the Greenhouse pattern in her quilt along, which I want to make for me, so expect to see one of those in the coming months too.

I've planned out my colours and you'll be surprised to see that I'm sewing up a rainbow!

The quilt along has a pretty vicious pace to it, and I'm well behind. The plan was to have all the Fancy Forest blocks completed by the end of January, then spend February finishing the quilt, before embarking on Awesome Ocean at the start of March.

Well, I've finished the foxes - the first block.... sixteen of them in a full size quilt.

When I've previously made this quilt, I've kept the fabrics to solids or nearly solids, but this time, anything goes and I'm having a great time pulling from my newly organized stash. I've also decided to go scrappy for the "white" sections - in the case of the fixes, their cheeks, but this will also be the case for the rabbits' ears, and the owls' tummies. I wasn't sure it would work, but I'm pretty pleased with my little foxes.

Next up, bunnies!

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