Monday, 20 May 2019

Coming Home [Month 4]

I am absolutely loving this year's Block of the Month from Sarah Fielke. There's so much variety of techniques, the instruction are so good and it's a wonderful challenge every month. I'm even enjoying the applique, which is just well because I think next month will be all about the applique!

And because I'm enjoying it so much, I am 100% up to date! This is the status at the end of month four. The tulip appliqued corners were last month, which I failed to blog about. I found the inny corners tricky and I may have to go back and embroider some strategically placed ladybirds... I made all the houses in the outer border this month using a mix of rotary cutting and foundation piecing, with appliques doors and windows.

This quilt will be for Mum and Dad when it's finished and I find myself taking Mum's taste into account far more than Dad's. He's a musician so I was pleased to get the red musical notation print in (it's an old Basic Grey print from a Christmas line). The ultimate challenge will be to sneak in some Tula Pink without Mum noticing as she really is not a fan!

Photographing this work in progress is proving tricky now... these photos show the quilt in five pieces as we haven't had instructions for the corners of this border yet, and it's pretty big. I had to wait for a calm day and photo it outside on the lawn... I often do this with larger quilts and individual blocks in between gusts, but I needed all five pieces in place at once... not easy on the North Sea coast! And as Michael is taller than me, I got him to take the picture from above... you can just see his toes sneaking in!

Looking forward to the next set of instructions on 31st May!

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