Friday, 3 May 2019

The List: An Update

You may or may not be aware that I am the proud curator of The List! I have a bullet journal, which I couldn't live without - it's what makes me productive and stops me forgetting things. Most things. And in that bullet journal is The List.

The List is a list of all of my current Works in Progress (WIPs). As the start of the year I had over 120 WIPs. I have certain friends, hereafter referred to as The Committee, who believe that 120 items is too many. The problem is that I am a sucker for a sew-along, and go bananas for a block of the month, and there are just so many good ones out there. And the start of the year is a bad time - everyone has new projects and I sign up for them. If you follow my blog regularly, you will be aware that I do also finish a fair few projects, but the ratio is generally to start more than I finish in any given month.
The Splendid Sampler. I've made lots of blocks, but not enough, and I'm not sure of a setting
Down The Rabbbit Hole: held up by the thought of all that applique, but back out and experiencing some progress
The List has long term projects on it: the earliest dates back to 2011 (if not earlier): that's my Vignette quilt. It's still on the list because I still love it and one day I would like to finish it. Other projects of a similar age have fallen off the list as I have fallen out of love with them and disposed of them in various ways. But the odd one remains. And the likelihood is that it isn't going anywhere soon.

My La Passacaglia quilt: very much still loved, but not added to in some time.
A double Wedding Ring Quilt, all cut out...
Then there are the ones I haven't started yet. They still count as a Work In Progress because they are needed in the near future. This part of the list includes things like an advent calendar for Joshua - I haven't started it yet, but need to soon to get it finished in time for December.

My original City Sampler which was I made whilst pregnant with Mia: I love the dense quilting, but with no deadline, it always gets pushed to the back of the queue.
Delilah... but hand piecing just wasn't doing it for me, so changed to sewing machine... but I still have to fight the templates
And in between are all the beautiful projects I continue to work on. Some slowly some fast! Earlier this year I had a serious review of the list. I removed some of those unstarted items that had sat on the list for a long time and remained unstarted. They've been moved to a bucket list, and I'm sure that gradually things will be moved from one list to the other. I also thought about projects that hadn't been touched for a long time and decided what to do with them if I didn't really love them anymore. One large project, for which I made only 5 of the required 20 blocks, was ditched. The blocks will be pouches and the project will be ticked off.

This quilt is a wedding present. It's their fifth anniversary this year. The sashing has put me off...
This needs quilting, but it's big and scary! And I'm worried I can't achieve what I would like to achieve
And of course, I've finished a fair few projects since the start of the year as well!

One of my many, many EPP projects. This doesn't have a purpose, so hasn't seen much progress.
I've accepted this won't ever be the full quilt. Now I need to finish it as a cushion...
So drumroll please! The current status of the list is.... 90 WIPs! Did I mention that that figure includes two new items just from this week? Just don't tell The Committee!


Archie the wonder dog said...

Well that's not as bad as I feared as the last update to The Committee stated 132 items on the list! Of course, it's still long. Enormously long... *sighs*

Also, The Committee are concerned that The Bucket List is merely a way of artificially keeping The List figure 'low' (on the special Jennie scale) and require more information. They also want to know about the two new items...

Lin said...

You find such fabulous projects, no wonder you get carried away. xx

Budsmam said...

The committee is stern 😁 but I love your list, the butterfly is gorgeous I loved making that one