Friday, 17 May 2019

Speedy Vinyl Pouches [A Finish]

I can't believe how useful the two Speedy Vinyl Zipper Pouches I made in March have been. I kept reaching for them to put something in only to find that they are full already. So I knew fairly quickly I would be making some more. The pattern by Aneela Hoey is, like all her patterns, excellent. The largest size in the pattern is about 8"x11" and is therefore perfect for orphan 6" blocks. I pulled out the four I made for the Summer Sampler 2017. The reality was that I didn't like my fabric choices and would not be finishing the quilt. I added some extra blue round the block to bring them up to size and used the original fabrics to source lining and binding. In this context I love these fabrics!

Please don't ask me what the fabric is.... I know it's Michael Miller and I know I bought a fat quarter bundle before Mia was born, so it's at least five years old... As with the Zuma pouches I made using the same pattern, these pouches do not have any wadding in them. By this point that was a conscious decision. I don't need the structure for how I use them, and they fit better in my sewing case. Speaking of which - here they all are, lined up on one side of my Sewing Date Traveller.

(The pouch on the opposite side is my All-in-one Box Pouch - pattern also by Aneela!)

As well as the four 6" blocks, I had also made a 12" block from the same Summer Sampler. I decided to make an upsized version of the pouch. This time, because I was making it 12" x 16" I needed the structure from the wadding. So I didn't forget it, I quilted the exterior panel to the wadding as a first step. I hand quilted it in #16 Finca Perle thread.

This large size is so handy! At the moment it's keeping my applique panels for Down the Rabbit Hole tidy and safe, but I definitely need another one for my Coming Home quilt too. And possibly a few more. So I'll be raiding the orphan blocks again... or maybe making new pretty ones?

These five pouches are a Finish Along finish. You can find my original list here.

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