Tuesday, 4 June 2013

City Sampler [redo]

So two of this week's blocks have been niggling. They just weren't quite right. And I worked out why this afternoon - they just aren't saturated enough. Not bright enough! So I re-did them. I know it's early for a redo, but it was bugging me....

I'm trying really hard not to use fabrics from the same line together, to try and mix lines - it was hard today - Luxe in Bloom was tempting me....

Block number 5 [Fabric Delivery]

old one

new one

The fabrics are Floral Elements, Splendor 1920 and Luxe in Bloom (all from Art Gallery). I'm keeping the name even though I'm not using a fabric with postage stamps on any more

Block number 6 [ Horse Chestnut]

old one

new one

Fabrics are Textures, Pure Elements in Ash and Pure Elements in Lemonade (still not the most contrast but...)

And I've named Block 4 - Hebe and Lavender - because these are two plants I am going to have in my new garden - and the block colours are just right (well - a bright version of the colours)!

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