Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WIP Wednesday [fighting back]

This quilt is fighting hard not to be finished. My deadline is bed time tomorrow because on Friday I have to go to work and then we are driving down to my parents and I have to hand over a finished quilt so Dad can take it to Ireland in the first week of July. No pressure.

Wadding for the quilt was tough. Normally my LQS has extra wide cotton wadding in. But they didn't. And it took forever to come in.....Backing for this quilt was tough. I found a lovely batik extra wide that would work with the batiks on the front. Dad didn't like it. We ended up with a super king size flat sheet in chocolate bought off Amazon. But of course, it didn't have the size on Amazon. When it arrived it turned out it was 120" x 100". Great. The quilt was 106" x 106". So I cut it apart and added in a pieced strip of leftover fabrics from the front. I hope Dad likes it - he didn't seem sure when I told him what I was planning.....

Linda and I took over the church hall on Monday evening and spent an hour and half trying to baste it. It really fought back. It didn't want to lay flat, there were wrinkles, and the backing was STILL 2" to short on one side. Grrrr. So I took a pair of scissors to the overlap from the long end, we finished basting it and when I got home I attached the strip to the side where I was short. Then crammed into a small piece of floor with the dogs desperate to help I tried to rebaste the bit of fabric I had unbasted to attach the extension strip. Only to find that in the final corner I was 3" short. I fixed it with a piece of fabric from the front - it's not really going to blend in. But right now I don't care. If Dad hates it, then that will be where the label goes:)

And then to quilt. Heavy quilt. Small table. The quilt may be misbehaving but my sewing machine behaved rather well except for some thread snapping..... all last night and all tonight and the quilt is quilted.

I've made the binding and I need to attach that tomorrow and then I have met my goal!!!

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Very nice job!!

pennydog said...

Keep going, you're doing great! I hate basting big quilts too, but doing it on a table really helps and shifting as you go. I'm quilting with a small table (and a side table to try and help) too and I feel sorry for the needle!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Amazing story! And the quilt is lovely. I love the setting you have used!