Saturday, 22 June 2013

One Day, Three Quilts

Thursday was a great day for quilts. I finished three! That is not something that happens often.

The first finish was the big yellow giant which refused to be basted nicely on Monday. It's so large that I can't photograph it. I'm hoping to take some really good pictures this weekend - I just need it too stop raining and stop blowing a gale. So watch this space for a post all about it.

In the meantime I also finished two baby quilts! The blue and pink quilt for Ellie-Jo made from Color Me Retro is now finished.

This started as an "I love that fabric" moment when Color Me Retro first came out and before I knew whether Jane was expecting a boy or a girl - I'd been admiring plus quilts online so I made a piece 20" x 20" and wondered what to do with it. Luckily it was a girl (who will probably be a bit of a tomboy) so dark pink and blue is perfect. I made it bigger - 36" x 24" and then ignored it for a while. I finally got round to layering it up and decided to quilt 1/4" from all the seam lines.

I finished it off with binding in Pure Elements Fresh Water - the blue is perfect and I love this quilt.

 Ellie-Jo is a fabric baby and loves to fall asleep clinging on to a piece of fabric - maybe we have a quilter in the making! And best of all, Phil and Jane seemed to like it (Jane hadn't been keen on any quilts and was told E-J would be getting a quilt from Aunty Jennie whether Mammy liked it or not)!

This is one of my second quarter finished! So in a few weeks time I'll be linking up with Leanne.

she can quilt

The second baby quilt is definitely not eligible for the Finish Along - I only started it last Saturday! I put my 60 degree ruler to good use and made this quilt, which I'm calling Murmurations because it kind of reminds me of a row of starlings sitting on a fence (in a very stylized way) - also I just like the name which is the collective noun for a group of starlings - Mum has her very own breeding programme in the back garden and the squabble over the food like naughty toddlers.

This one is 45" x 36" and the fabrics are a total mixture from my stash: Backyard Baby, Pearl Bracelets, Architextures, Comma, Robert Kaufmann, Riley Blake, Gingham Safari, Kona Solids, Art Gallery Oval Elements, Painters Canvas, Sweetwater and some totally random fat quarters.

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Leo said...

Congrats on the finishes ... sometiems oyu just have a roll for finishing - luckily usually a "I want ot try this"-roll starts immediatly afterwards so you won't ever feel like you don't have a thousand UFOs to work on ...